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The Difference Between A Domain Name and Web Hosting

If you are looking to setup your first website, or you already have a website, you may know that there are 2 things you must have; a domain name and web hosting.

But what’s the difference?

This is something clients ask me all the time. And I get it - it’s not very clear. Domain names and web hosting can often be confused as being one and the same thing. But they are quite different! Let’s have a look at what they are and their differences.

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9th July 2018
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5 Steps To Install SSL On Your WordPress Website

If you’re using WordPress and you haven’t enabled HTTPS yet there’s a few steps you should follow. Google issued a final warning for any websites not using HTTPS by October 2018 stating that it will display a warning for visitors. There’s really no better time to make the switch to HTTPS. Your search rankings will likely be affected and if you’re running WooCommerce then you definitely need SSL.

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13th June 2018
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What Type of SSL Certificate Does Your Website Need?

Domain names, hosting and SSL Certificates - it’s all a bit confusing! What I can tell you straight off the bat is that it’s now an essential tool for both security and SEO to have an SSL certificate for your website, even if you’re not running an ecommerce store. In this post I’ll run through the different SSL certificate options and I’ll spare you as much jargon as I can!

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11th June 2018
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